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Get Rid of the Secret Society

Within Our Government!




Written by the Executive Director:





Last Edited:5/28/2016





Update: 12/22/2014:




We continue to advocate this method of solving our nation's problems arising from the CIA "False-Flag Operations" that became associated with the 9/11/2001 Conspiracy:




Newly Discovered Evidence:

CIA "Think-Tanks" Prove Bush Guilty of Treason, Conspiracy and Mass Murder


Additional Facts and Theories


Genocide in the USA


9/11 Big CIA Lie


Great American Coup


A Corrupt Oligarchy


A Secret Society

What to Do:

Truth and Justice Amendment: Appoint A Special Prosecutor


Full Congressional Investigation


Investigate the Pentagon 9/11 Attacks


Investigate Bush and Cheney


Get the Crooks Responsible!


Stopping Genocide in the USA


Additional Constitutional Amendments






Seven Clues to a Mysterious, Corrupt Oligarchy within Our Government, and What You Can Do About It!



Clue #1

Clue #2

Clue #3

Clue #4

Clue #5

Clue #6

Clue #7




Get Rid of the Secret Society in our Federal and State Governments




A Secret Society has Arisen Within U. S. Government



Treasonous Acts of George W. Bush, and the New World Order



George W. Bush and the New World Order: 2000-2008



An Alliance of Secret Racist Groups and Ideals: Formation of a New World Order and Secret Agenda



The Secret Society and the Federal Courts



The Secret Society and the Gang of Eight



Dianne Feinstein: Ringleader of the Secret Society



The Secret Society and the United States Congress



The Secret Society and Our Intelligence Communities



Seven Steps to Get Rid of the Secret Society and New World Order





A Secret Society has Arisen Within the United States Government




A Secret Society has arisen in Washington, D. C. and other major American cities, including Boston and Philadelphia, that can trace its origins to the Skull and Bones Society, which is related to a group of other racist organizations. This Secret Society goes back over a hundred years, to Harvard and Yale Universities, and can claim that several of its members were also Presidents of the United States.




George W. Bush brought about a return of this Secret Society to power and dominance, from 1996 to the present. However, since he used this Secret Society to form his New World Order through a group of CIA Think-Tanks and its members, and because the plans designed by Bush, and other members of his New World Order include election-rigging to gain the Office of the President illegally, and then making a series of "false-flag" attacks on the United States in order to deceive the American People into believing we had been attacked by terrorists, in order to gain almost unlimited power, as President of the United States, through the adoption of new, expanded, war-time powers for the Presidency and its Intelligence Communities.




These CIA Think-Tanks, (which were formed and operated from 1996-2004), and their members, designed and managed these illegal plans, which is an act that amounts to treason, espionage, conspiracy and mass-murder. For this reaon, we are advocting the Appointment of a Special Prosecutor, and the Investigation of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and others, in association with a charge of treason, espionage, conspiracy and mass-murder. A Full Congressional Investigation is also requested, to follow up on the under-funded and oppressed 9/11 Committee Investigation and its report to Congress, (2006).




Members of these CIA Think-Tanks were promoted to high-positions within the George W. Bush Administration, once it came to power.



Four of the most important members were on the Project for a New American Century, including George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and J. E. B. Bush.



Together with the Director of the CIA, 1996-2004, George John Tenet, they formed the New World Order, and planned its secret agenda, which plans to control the world and obtain all possible gold and other prescious metals for its members.





A complete list of the members of the Project for a New American Century reveals the names of some of the other members of the New World Order - - the key people responsible for the deaths of 50-60 million people and the unimagineable suffering of billions more human beings, because of the injustice and genocide done them by this New World Order, and its Secret Agenda, from 2000-present.



Project for a New American Century, (1997-2006)






George W. Bush



Dick Cheney



Jeb Bush



Donald Rumsfeld



Scooter Libby



Paul Wolfowitz



Robert B. Zoellick



Steve Forbes



Gary Bauer



Elliot Abrams



Richard Armitage





George W. Bush could have used these CIA Think-Tanks like courses in graduate school, to cram for the Presidency, from 1997-2000, and afterward, to run his Presidential Administration, from 2000-2008.




It is highly probable that the CIA appointed experts like Elliot Abrams and Paul Wolfowtz to tutor George W. Bush in areas like foreign policy and matters of the economy. These men, together with Dick Cheney, Richard Armitage and Robert Zoellick could have planned and prepared many of the secret operations surrounding Bush and his rise to power, including the documents used following the 9/11 Attacks, to present the ideas for the formation of the Homeland Security Act, the Patriot Act and other ideas for increased security measures to members of the United States Congress.




Congress was then compelled to enact these ideas into law, but it is unlikely that Congress would have done this without the "false-flag" fake terrorist attacks involved in the 9/11 Conspiracy.




For this reason, further analysis of these five CIA Think-Tanks, most of which were formed and operated from 1996-2008, is important. Some of these CIA Think-Tanks may still be operating, today, carrying out the Directives and Special Plans of the New World Order. These five CIA Think-Tanks, include:




The Project for a New American Century,



The Defense Policy Advisory Board,



The Council on Foreign Relations,



Office of Special Plans,



The Committee on Present Danger





At this point, (2003-2006), there appears to be a division of loyalties, or level of committment to the Secret Agenda developed by these mad men, because a few of them resign, including George John Tenet, while a few others retire from public life, like Scooter Libby. Both men appear to have lied to Congress, and then regreted it. George John Tenet is noted for resigning following the Report of the 9/11 Commission, and his report to Congress.




And, of course, in 2003-2004, those who are left within the George W. Bush Administration/New World Order were forced to plan another campaign that wins the Presidency through election rigging, and other devices used to achieve their goal of winning the Presidency of the United States at any cost, again in 2004 - - regardless of ethics or morals. And, of course, J. E. B. Bush and other members of this secret society, including members on the Supreme Court, were there to help them win in 2004.




Information about these CIA Think-Tanks, including the Project for a New American Century, the Defense Policy Advisory Board, the Council on Foreign Relations, Office of Special Plans, and the Committee on Present Danger, could prove the guilt of these five men, listed above, in treason, espionage, conspiracy and mass-murder. They all participated in a mad spy-plot designed to take over the world, and amass unimaginable wealth, through a conspiracy of espionage conducted on a world stage, rather than fulfill their sworn duty and roles as are duely elected representatives in some of the highest offices of our great nation.




Therefore, a great CIA lie surrounding 9/11, along with a secret, treasonous conspiracy behind initiating a secret, racist agenda that could control the world, was created by George W. Bush, (1996-2000), and the other members of the New World Order, including Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, J. E. B. Bush and George John Tenet.




These alleged acts of treason, espionage, conspiracy and mass-murder, that also included using the assets and funding of the Saudi Arabian intelligence Community, including a double agent, Osama Bin Laden/Tim Ossman, to gain control of much of the planet's resources in energy, along with almost unlimited power. For more information, please see a Corrupt Oligarchy and What You Can Do About It.




Therefore, since Osama Bin Laden/Tim Ossman was a CIA double-agent who also worked for the Saudi Arabian government, the five men named below are guilty of conspiracy, mass-murder, treason and espionage, concerning their staging and managing the "false-flag" operations involved in the 9/11 Conspiracy.



As a consequence of this ruse, deception, conspiracy and false flag attack, these five men are guilty of treason, espionage, conspiracy and mass muder:



George W. Bush



Jeb Bush



Donald Rumsfeld



Dick Cheney



George John Tenet





This is because they used the considerable power of the CIA to initiate, or implement a design for a New World Order that includes election rigging, to come to power, and then the fake 9/11 Attacks, to gain the expanded powers of the War-Time American Presidency. It also means they then secretly conducted a war in the Mid-East that killed 50-60 million people in order to control most of the Earth's oil reserves, (while the people of Iraq had done little against the U. S., to deserve this reprisal. They had been plaqued by Saddam Hussein and the Bath Party).




This high-crime began in 1996, and has continued into 2015.



As a consequence, 50 million people, or more, are dead in countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya, Somalia, the United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Kenya, Yemen, and the Congo. New countries are emerging in the wake of those plaqued by war, disease and pestilence. Millions more humans are injured, and have grown up in the middle of war, famine, disease and oppression, circa 1998-the present - - 2015.




Following the rise to power of the "New World Order", and in association with new laws enabling CIA Covert Operations against American citizens without just cause, 10-20 million Americans have been killed, in addition to those killed in the Global War on Terror, which included the spy-wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, and Syria, or ISIS.



In addition, the Secret Agenda emplaced by the New World Order is continuing to operate, with the help of our government and many other "friendly" governments.



This is causing us a very gloomy future, as the New World Order attempts to bring about CHAOS, along with 80% Rapid Depopulation in some areas of both the United States and the rest of the world.




For more information, please see:



Stopping Genocide in the USA



Genocide in the USA



Additional Facts and Theories



A Corrupt Oligarchy and What You Can Do About It






George W. Bush, along with other members of a New World Order, have risen to power due to treasonsous acts, espionage, and a Nationwide conspiracy that included the CIA and many other Secret Society private operatives, to both implement theirgoals and directives, and cover them up.




These acts include:


Election Rigging and Conspiring to Rig the Federal Elections for the Presidency in the Year 2000;


Conspiracy to Attack the United States and its Officers, including both the 9/11 Attacks and the Consequential Spy War, Using Osama Bin Laden to Convince the United States government and its people of the Need to Attack as Many as Twenty Emerging Nations, including Afghanistan and Iraq, which became known as the Global War on Terror, (Circa 2001-Present;


Planning and Carrying Out Genocide of the American People;


Planning and Carrying Out A Secret Agenda that Includes Racist Objectives like an 80% Rapid Depopulation in areas like the Southern United States that would victimize the poor, who are both white and non-white, and are not usually of the same class, culture and religion as members of the New World Order.




For more information, please see:




Famous CIA Think-Tanks Prove Bush Guilty of Treason

9/11 Big CIA Lie

Additional Facts, Theories and Multimedia About 9/11

A Corrupt Oligarchy and What You Can Do About It

Stopping Genocide in the USA

Investigate Bush and Cheney

Truth and Justice Amendment: Request a Special Prosecutor

Demand a Full Investigation





George Bush and the New World Order: 2000-2008




Members of the CIA are allegedly controlling the corrupt oligarchy in Washington D. C., and throughout the Fifty State Governments, that compose the United States of America, during the rise of the George W. Bush Administration, and its New World Order.




The main members of this New World Order, are:



George W. Bush



Jeb Bush



Donald Rumsfeld



Dick Cheney



George John Tenet





The New World Order came to power as a result of a secret, International covert operation, (1996-2015), with its roots in both the election rigging required in 1999 to "fix" the election so that George W. Bush would be elected President of the United States, circa 1997-2000.




It has dominated this secret society, which arose within our federal government over the last 14 years, following the Great American Coup: 9/11/2001 to Present, and/or the fake 9/11 Attack which allowed Bush, Cheney and others to murder the Whistle-Blowers in the Pentagon, on 9/11/2001.





Therefore, you should be aware that the new evidence allegedly proves that members of a New World Order attacked the United States, on 9/11/2001, as a way to gain power, using a "false-flag" CIA Operation.




New Evidence Reveals: The CIA organized and managed a group of CIA Think-Tanks for George W. Bush, from 1996-2004, which helped him plan and carry-out several treasonous operations that included espionage, conspiracy and mass murder.




These five men betrayed the trust the people of the United States placed in them, when they were both appointed and/or elected to high official positions, as a result of the Presidential Elections of 2000.




This attack against the United States, on 9/11/2001, amounts to treason, conspiracy and mass murder.





These five main members of the "New World Order" have dominated the corrupt oligarchy in Washington, D.C., with the assistance of George W. H. Bush, who was President of the United States in 1988, until replaced by the voters, with Bill Clinton, in 1992. George W. H. Bush was also Director of the CIA, in the 1970s, and then Vice-President of the United States, 1980-1988, while Ronald Reagan was President. Thus, he had his son, George W. Bush, tutored by the CIA, beginning in 1996, and emplaced into the Presidency using any means possible, in the year 2000. Beginning in 1996, the younger Bush had both federal power, combined with the power of the Governor of the State of Texas, while his brother was Governor of Florida. Following the 2000 Elections and the 9/11 "False-Flag Attacks, combined with the Osama Bin Laden/Tim Ossman Conspiracy, George W. Bush acquired almost unlimited power, which may now be wielded in a covert fashion, using the CIA.




We discussed the Secret Society, before, in terms of the Skull and Bones Society, along with many other secret societies like the KKK, that are all working together, as a conspiracy, or corrupt oligarchy within our federal and state governments. More about the Skull and Bones Society, appears in Additional Facts and Theories as to the 9/11 Conspiracy, also, please see Clues 1-7, for the Mystery Puzzle, below.







A Corrupt Oligarchy and What You Can Do About It!



Clue #1

Clue #2

Clue #3

Clue #4

Clue #5

Clue #6

Clue #7



An Alliance of Secret Racist Groups and Ideals: Formation of a New World Order and Secret Agenda




Once George W. Bush was empowered by the CIA and these Think-Tanks, They Began Initiating Their Secret Agenda


Together, these groups of secretly racist individuals have created a new, secret agenda, and they are now covertly implementing it into our federal government and its operational methodology and systems of proceedures.




Together, they are manipulating the United States Congress covertly to avoid discovery or admit the truth, and they are lieing to everybody when they have to avoid discovery.




Many people believe Barack Obama joined them, as soon as possible following his election, in 2008.




And, Nany Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein and Hillary Clinton appear to be members of this secret white racist society, as well.




Therefore, there may be thousands of members, especially when you consider the Skull and Bonnes Society, and the fact that eleven of the last thirteen Presidents of the United States have been rumored to have been secret members of this Skull and Bones Society, as well.




Clues Six and Clue Seven present more evidence of this secret society, and how they operate.




The members of this Secret Society have also been attempting to name, or appoint, fellow members to the United States Supreme Court, and other positions of importance, like Ambassadorships, since their founding, in and around the Ivy League Colleges of Yale and Harvard.





Thus, the Skull and Bones Society has its own website, or it has in the past.




This secret society, including a few well-chosen associates, (along with the CIA), is illegally manipulating the members of the United States Congress with pay-offs and misguiding information.




They have a secret racist agenda, since George W. Bush, and they have usually been members of other, secret racist groups.




The white racist groups from which members of this secret society select its members include:



1. The Free Masons and Masonic Lodges



2. The Scottish Rite Society



3. The Bohemian League, (Bohemian Grove, California)



4. The Skull and Bones Society



5. Other Secret Legal Societies that have emerged from our college fraternities and sororities



6. The U. S. Military and its secret groups, including its fraternal organizations



7. The U. S. Criminal Justice System and its secret societies, fraternal organizations, and other secretive groups



8. The KKK, or Ku Klux Klan



9. Other Regional, Racist, Religious and other Special Interest Secret Societies






The Secret Society and the Federal Courts




This secret Skull and Bones Society had permeated the federal court system in the 1920s, and it has become a favorite "Club" of the rich and elite, within American society - - especially in the Ivy League areas around New England.




Perhaps as many as four members of the Supreme Court are members of this secret society, currently, and there have been many more, in the past.




This is really a bad thing, because of the secret agenda of the New World Order, and how it could effect many millions of our citizens in the United States, as well as millions more people outside the U. S.





The Secret Society and the Gang of Eight




The Gang of Eight, a group of the top four politicians within the United States Congress, from each of the two parties, thereby composing eight people who are cleared to receive briefings concerning "Top-Secret" information, by the CIA and other intelligence communities.




This group of eight people has been implicated in carrying out the racist Secret Agenda of the New World Order, amounting to Genocide in the USA, and Stopping Genocide in the USA.







Dianne Feinstein: Ringleader of the Secret Society




Additionally, Dianne Feinstein, the long-time Senator from California, is a member of the Gang of Eight.




Our group is calling for her impeachment, because of her history of involvement in federal conspiracies surrounding this secret society.






The Secret Society and the United States Congress




It is believed that the CIA is currently controlling about 130 members of the United States Congress, with huge payoffs to secret, numbered Swiss Bank Accounts. The CIA is also offering these powerful politicians stock portfolios and other types of financial securities.




These payments are one way the CIA, the New World Order and this secret society are controlling the United States Congress, along with the other governmental systems within the United States of America.




Loyal members are rewarded.




There are also about 65 or 70 members of Congress who are against this secret society, along with the New World Order and its Secret Agenda.




The other members of Congress are currently facing temptations so great that they cannot be resisted. Thus, they may be tempted to join the Secret Society, in the coming years, as they gain experience as to exactly how a corrupt oligarchy operates.





The Secret Society and Our Intelligence Communities





Because of the huge amount of power wielded by this secret society, over the last 100 years, former Directors of the CIA have been tempted into becoming members of this Secret Society.




Because of this, the following men have been very influential, as members of the Skull and Bones Soceity, who helped control the United States Intelligence Communities.




John Deutch



George John Tenet



Gen. Michael V. Hayden



John Negroponte



Porter J. Goss



Leon Panetta



and others.








This Secret Society has been the corrupting influence behind the political scene in this country, for over a century.




But now, much more is at stake.




The New World Order and its Secret Agenda is still at work, within our government.




Because of this, a great holocaust could follow.




The chaos would allow Bush's end game to rule the Earth, in an evil plan that could wipe out 80% of the Earth's population.




Thank You,



Editor's Note, July 4th, 2016: Because of recent events, including George W. Bush and others in his administration being found guilty of "War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity, by a War Crimes Tribunal in Kuala Lumpur in 2013, and a conviction of war crimes against CIA Officials, including Medical Doctors and Psychologists, for using torture methods such as waterboarding, by a U. S. Federal District Judge in Washington State in March of 2016, we are requesting that anyone with any information as to misconduct by government officials, especially if it would lead to a complaint or a class action lawsuit contact us, at: patriotsandacctivists@gmail.com.






We are interested in filing a Class Action Lawsuit against the CIA and other government officials, for "war crimes and crimes against humanity".




Join Our War Crimes Report, and file an e-mail complaint, or attach it to an e-mail, addressed to: patriotsandactivists@gmail.com.




We are especially interested in helping you document a complaint, and begin a class action lawsuit, with us and many other concerned citizens, who have been injured by these war criminals. If you know something about "crimes against humanity", including the racist war crimes by the last three Presidential Administrations:




The Bill Clinton Administration, (1992-2000);




The George W. Bush Administration, (2000-2008); and the




Barack Obama Administration,(2008-2016):





Please, including something about:



Prison Abuse:



If you know something about well-planned racist and classist abuse, that could have been directed by the CIA at a National Level, please contact us. We are very interested in people who have been tortured by the prison guards, and possibly others, while they were in prison, as well as reports of people being killed in prison by prison officials, as well as people who have died in prison, following medical treatment, taking medicine routinely and then being transferred for surgery, or any other medically related deaths, while in prison, please contact us.




Medical System Abuse:



If you or someone you know has been injured or killed, because of medical treatment they received from the government, please, contact us.




Covert Poisoning:



If you or someone you know has been intentionally poisoned by a government agent working in a Covert Operation, please contact us. This information is for research purposes, you do not have to have proof, or evidence.



Other Covert Operations:



Many people have been killed as a direct result of covert operations, and millions more have been injured, because the federal government considered them undesirables, because they were advocating peace, or because they bought, sold or used marijuana, or other, harder drugs, or because they were from another country or nation. The New World Order has conducted covert operations against marijuana users, peace demonstrators, and people of color, along with those people who have immigrated from Arab Republics, for the last 16 years.




or, the death of friends and family members, while in custody. Please include as much information as possible.




Together, we can bring about widespread government reform and modernization!





Help Stop Agenda 21 and the New World Order!






Special Edition, 4/20/2016:




Therefore, we made a plan to end the rule in the United States, of this corrupt oligarchy, which stems from the CIA, through the membership of the New World Order, and has been extending its control into the two Houses of the United States Congress for the last two decades, beginning with the Gang of Eight.





Several things happened, between 2005 and 2016, which cause us to believe that this can be accomplished.





These include:





#1. John George Tenet resigns under questioning by the United States Congress.





#2. George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and other key members of the New World Order have retired, our been replaced.





#3. A group of American veterans, returning home from the wars in Iraq ande Afghanistan begin Operation American Spring, which declares a Constitutional Emergency, and calls for the resignation or impeachment of President Barack Obama and key members of his administration.





#4. An International War Crimes Tribunal in Kuala Lumpur found George W. Bush, Tony Blair and other members of these two administrations guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity, in 2013.





#5. In March of 2016, A U. S. District Judge in Washington State, found members of the CIA guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity, including CIA Medical Doctors.





Therefore, we support Operation American Spring and their Declaration of a Constitutional Emergency.





And, we have begun the Recall of California Governor Brown - - Down with Brown!





Our plan for 2016 is to bring about a series of Constitutional Conventions, and contact your federal, elected public officials and let them know what you think about 9/11, (Follow-Up On 9/11), and all the corruption and rule by a secret society - - as oppposed to what life should be like, if we lived in a true democratic republic.





Please check out some of our ideas for new Amendments to the United States Constitution, which would help bring about a solution to our national problems:




Truth and Justice Amendment: Appoint A Special Prosecutor



Amendment to Stop Genocide in the USA



Disband the CIA by Constitutional Amendment




Please, see Stopping Genocide in the USA.








There is something we can do...




That will effectively solve our problems!






Because of Recent Events, We Recommend Following the Seven-Steps to Preventing, or Stopping Genocide in the USA, below.




1. Form a new, third party of Independents, because both the Democrats and Republicans are in on it, probably through joint membership in a Secret Society.




2. Participate in a series of Constitutional Conventions, held to approve a group of newly proposed Constitutional Amendments, along with a request that the United States Congress appoint a Special Prosecutor to get the crooks responsible for murdering the Pentagon Whistle-Blowers, along with the 40,000 people who died in the 9/11 Attacks on the New York Trade Center, including many first-responders.




3. Support our newly proposed Constitutional Amendment that would prohibit genocide, by federal officials, including those assigned to covert operations.




4. Request the the U. S. Congress Appoint a Special Prosecutor: See our Truth and Justice Amendment.




5. Disband the CIA, through Constitutional Amendment, since they, and the CIA's Directors, 1996-2014, have assisted the various crooked politicians, along witth the secret society.




6. Demand a Full Congressional Investigation, along with widespread government reform, through the passsage of some of the group of newly proposed Constitutional Amendments, that includes:



Election Reform



Expanded Voting Rights



Direct Democracy



Land Reform



Womens Rights, Safeguards and Protections



Deep-Green Environmental Reform and Benfits of Deep-Green Reform



Economic Prosperity and Sustainability



Judicial, Legal and Prison Reform



Economic and Tax Reform



Legalization of Marijuana




7. Demand the government change its policies towards its people, making U. S. Government policies more humane and kind.




Genocide in the USA will not be tolerated by its citizens.






We must also verify the truth about the Great American Coup,(2002-Present), and discover the truth about Genocide in the USA: 1997-Present.




New Ideas for Constitutional Amendments




These twenty, newly proposed Constitutional Amendments, are listed, below:



#1. Proposed Constitutional Amendment to Legalize Marijuana



#2. Freedom from Oppression by Government Activities



#3. Freedom from Racism



#4. Native American Citizenship



#5. Judicial and Prison Reform



#6. Expanded Voting Rights: Direct Democracy: Improved County Voting and Educational Facilities: Voting for Federal Judges, Ambassadors, More



#7. Election Reform



#8. Women's Rights



#9. Land Reform



#10. Truth and Justice about the CIA's Involvement in 9/11/2001: Requirement for Appointment of Special Prosecutor and Full Congressional Investigation



#11. Overpopulation and Immigration



#12. Freedom from Obsolete Laws



#13. Gun Law Limits



#14. Economic and Tax Reform, Made Possible by the United States Congress, and its Investigations



#15. Constitutional Amendment Creating United Nations Environmental Management Center.



#16. Disband the CIA by Constitutional Amendment



#17. Requirement for Equal Campaign Funding, Ballot and Election Material Recognition for all Candidates and Proposed Election Measures, by Creation of Broadcast Production Facility for Government Use



#18. Balanced Budget Amendment



#19. Empowerment and Expansion of Role of United Nations: Elected Representatives



#20. Amendment Prohibiting Genocide




A Corrupt Oligarchy in Our Government, and What You Can Do to Correct It!





Long-Term News Reports Prove Theory of Great American Coup




Please, click here, to return to our homepage, or consider the bottom navigational links, below, to move within or leave this website.





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