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A Full Congressional Investigation




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We Are Requesting A

Full Congressional Review and Investigation,




Last Edited, 5/18/2017





We are calling for a Full Congressional Investigation into the events described in this series of webpages, concerning the possible Great American Coup: 2002-Present, Genocide in the USA: 1997-Present, and New Evidence Proves that 911 Was a Big CIA Lie, along with the evidence of a secret society and a corrupt oligarchy, or society, in Washington D. C.





This investigation should include:



#1. A Congressional Investigation to follow-up on the Pentagon Whistle-Blowers Reports, concerinng Pentagon irregularities and overspending. Who exactly were the Whistle-Blowers naming, in their allegations of fraud and deliberate cost over-runs? What evidence did they have? Was anyone prosecuted? Does the record show who could have arranged for the 9/11 Attack on the Pentagon? Who was involved? In what ways? Were all of the Whistle-Blowers murdered in the 9/11 Attack? Was anyone else injured inthe Pentagon Attack? Were there any subsequent murders?




#2. These Congressional Investigations should also concern investigating the CIA Involvement, and the Involvement of the Five Members of the George W. Bush Administration named in the 9/11 Conspiracy, who may have planned an attack on the Pentagon as part of the 9/11 Conspiracy. The Pentagon was attacked, deceptively, on 9/11/2001. Because of this deceptive attack, approximately 26 Whistle-Blowers lost their lives, in either the 9/11 Attack on the Pentagon, or in a subsequent murder. It is believed that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney ordered the CIA to make the attack on the Pentagon, in order to cover-up for their own acts of fraud and embezzlement of military funds. Please see Investigate Bush and Cheney for more information.




#3. A Congressional Investigation to determine the invovlement of the Gang of Eight, along with the CIA and other Intelligence Agencies, along with the possibility of influence by a secret society that planned and executed a secret coup, within the government of the United States, that began with the election of Geoge W. Bush without winning a majority of the votes in the election, and continuing into a secret attack against our own country, with a cover-up that resulted in the deaths of 10-14 million Americans, and as many as 50 million other people.




#4. A Congressional Investigation of the Justices of the Supreme Court, from 2000-Present. These Justices of the Supreme Court may be members of a secret society, that have come to power through a Coup, staged by George Bush, Dick Cheney and Barack Obama. The CIA, or some other intelligence agency may be coordinating the cover-up, following the Great American Coup: 2002-Present, with the help of the Judicial System. This Congressional Investigation is to determine exactly how George W. Bush came to the Presidency of the United States, without winning a majority of the votes at the corresponding federal election, or a majority of the votes of the electorates. In the absence of a better system of determining who wins an election in the United States of America, this Congressional Investigation should recommend methods of preventing this travesty from ever happening again.




#5. A Congressional Investigation of the federal electoral system. This investigation should review the Department of Elections in each county of the United States, and determine if it is possible to have voter fraud, within the county system. This Congressional Investigation should also recommend methods of improving our voting system, to include computers and instantaneous reporting of votes, along with a hard copy record, that are run from each county Courthouse System, within the United States. This Great American Coup must be prevented from ever happening again.




#6. A Congressional Investigation to determine the involvement of the CIA, in the elections of 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012 and 2016. If it can be determined that former officers of the CIA were invovled in rigging the election, we recommend the CIA be disbanded. Both the Republican, and Democratic Party should also be investigated, to determine if they are participating in widepread voter fraud.



#7. A Review and Re-address of earlier investigations as to CIA Failure to Inform Congress fully and accurately about important covert operations, that could include "extermination teams" acting on American citizens and attempting to manipulate their deaths. The CIA should also be investigated for conductinng Genocide in the USA. Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (D, IL), Chairman of the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations has called for continuing investigation in this area, as a result of her investigations, circa 2010, about C.I.A. involvement in assasinations, and the downing of a missionary plane mistaken for a narcotics flight in Peru in 2001, along with two "matters that remain classified". This continued investigation should also look at the Bush administration's method of surveillance and other, covert activities without warrants, along with its detention and interrogation program.



#8. A Review of the Gang of Eight, as a federal policy, is also called for, by this Congressional Investigation. The irregularities that led to the 9/11 Conspiracy and/or Great American Coup should have been prevented, by the United States Congress. Instead, there is evidence that George W. Bush and the CIA, along with others within this secret society, deceived Congress, in order to carry out the Great American Coup. This should not be allowed to happen again. The CIA and other Intelligence Agencies must not have the power to execute or assassinate people, either at home or abroad. For this reason, we recommend major changes that would lead to full disclosure of all activities, by all 17 U.S. Intelligence Agencies, to Congress, before these operations are scheduled and carried out. Thus, the Gang of Eight should be enlarged, to include at least 50 members of both the Senate and the House of Representatves, if not all members of Congress, so that continuing and ongoing briefings are being held constantly, to keep Congress and its responsible citizens informed. Lieing to Congress shall not be permitted.



#9. A Review of the CIA's Officers in terms of their individual actions. We recommend a Full Congressional Review of the following individuals, in terms of what they know, when they knew it, and what action was taken, concerning the Great American Coup: 2002-Present, and the alleged Genocide in the USA: 1997-Present.



John Deutch


George John Tenet


John Negroponte


Porter J. Goss


Leon Panetta




Please, see Directors of the CIA who Should Be Investigated and Prosecuted for more information.



It should be determined whether or not any of these persons, above, took part in the planning of the 9/11 Attacks, coorindating the Attacks, or covering up the attacks.




This Congressional Review should also determine whether or not any of these persons knew, or authorized:



A. Covert exterminations and assasinations of United States citizens, as well as other Americans.



B. This investigation should also determine the role of the federal government in Public Health Care facilities, to determine if anyone, including our Intelligence Agencies or the Gang of Eight, are discussing government policy as to which type of medical treatment to be provided to which patient, and then implying or issuing racist orders, secretly, that would result in people being secretly killed by government health care, as part of the Genocide in the USA, alleged by many Americans.



C. This investigation should also determine the involvment of the CIA and Gang of Eight, along with George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Barack Obama, in prison administratoin and the possibility of racist punishments and death, executed secretly, within the walls of our nation's prisons.




It is alleged that 10-14 million Americans have been killed, and tens of millions more have been seriously injured, from 1997-Present, due to the three methods of extermination and assination, listed an A. B. and C., above.



Past members of the Gang of Eight, who should be investigated in terms of the Great American Coup and subsequent Genocide in the USA: 1997-2014, include:




Chairman Mike Rogers U.S. Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence


Ranking Member: C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger



Harry Reid: U.S. Senator


Mitch McConnell: U.S. Senator


Nancy Pelosi: Former Speaker of the House of Representatives


John Boehner: Current Speaker of the House of Representatives


Saxby Chambliss: U. S. Senator


Dianne Feinstein: U. S. Senator



Additionally, Hillary Clinton: Former Senator and Secretary of State should be investigated as a possible Gang Member.



It is believed that the CIA has done much more than it is admitting, to this panel of eight Congressional Representatives and two possible CIA Agents, and that this investigation could uncover some very unpleasant truths.



George W. Bush, and four accomplices, along with the CIA, some rogue agents and a handful of military and ex-military men, engineered the Great American Coup, as part of the 9/11 Attack and Cover-up.



These men then proceeded to attack Iraq, Afghanistan and at least 15 other, smaller countries, like Somalia, for the next 12 years. During this same time period, the CIA, along with other secret police and government agents conducted Genocide in the USA: 2001-Present, and as a direct consequence 10-14 million American are dead, and tens of millions more have been seriously injured.





Thank You,






Editor's Note, July 4th, 2016: (Because of recent events, including George W. Bush and others in his administration being found guilty of "War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity, by a War Crimes Tribunal in Kuala Lumpur in 2013, and a conviction of war crimes against CIA Officials, including Medical Doctors and Psychologists, for using torture methods such as waterboarding, by a U. S. Federal District Judge in Washington State in March of 2016), we are requesting that anyone with any information as to misconduct by government officials, especially if it would lead to a complaint or a class action lawsuit contact us, at: patriotsandactivists@gmail.com.



We are interested in filing a Class Action Lawsuit against the CIA and other government officials, for "war crimes and crimes against humanity".




Join Our War Crimes Report, and file an e-mail complaint, or attach it to an e-mail, addressed to: patriotsandactivists@gmail.com.




We are especially interested in helping you document a complaint, and begin a class action lawsuit, with us and many other concerned citizens, who have been injured by these war criminals. If you know something about "crimes against humanity", including the racist war crimes by the last three Presidential Administrations:




The Bill Clinton Administration, (1992-2000);




The George W. Bush Administration, (2000-2008); and the




Barack Obama Administration,(2008-2016):





Please, including something about:



Prison Abuse:



If you know something about well-planned racist and classist abuse, that could have been directed by the CIA at a National Level, please contact us.




We are very interested in people who have been tortured by the prison guards, and possibly others, while they were in prison, as well as reports of people being killed in prison by prison officials, as well as people who have died in prison, following medical treatment, taking medicine routinely and then being transferred for surgery, or any other medically related deaths, while in prison, please contact us.




Medical System Abuse:



If you or someone you know has been injured or killed, because of medical treatment they received from the government, please, contact us.




Covert Poisoning:



If you or someone you know has been intentionally poisoned by a government agent working in a Covert Operation, please contact us. This information is for research purposes, you do not have to have proof, or evidence.



Other Covert Operations:



Many people have been killed as a direct result of covert operations, and millions more have been injured, because the federal government considered them undesirables, because they were advocating peace, or because they bought, sold or used marijuana, or other, harder drugs, or because they were from another country or nation. The New World Order has conducted covert operations against marijuana users, peace demonstrators, and people of color, along with those people who have immigrated from Arab Republics, for the last 16 years.




or, the death of friends and family members, while in custody. Please include as much information as possible.




Together, we can bring about widespread government reform and modernization!





Help Stop Agenda 21 and the New World Order!






Special Edition, 4/20/2016:




Because of these new events, we made a plan to end the rule in the United States, by this corrupt oligarchy, which stems from the CIA, through the membership of the New World Order, and has been extending its control into the two Houses of the United States Congress for the last two decades, beginning with the Gang of Eight.





Several things happened, between 2005 and 2016, which cause us to believe that this can be accomplished.





These include:





#1. John George Tenet resigns under questioning by the United States Congress.





#2. George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and other key members of the New World Order have retired, our been replaced.





#3. A group of American veterans, returning home from the wars in Iraq ande Afghanistan begin Operation American Spring, which declares a Constitutional Emergency, and calls for the resignation or impeachment of President Barack Obama and key members of his administration.





#4. An International War Crimes Tribunal in Kuala Lumpur found George W. Bush, Tony Blair and other members of these two administrations guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity, in 2013.





#5. In March of 2016, A U. S. District Judge in Washington State, found members of the CIA guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity, including CIA Medical Doctors.





Therefore, we support Operation American Spring and their Declaration of a Constitutional Emergency.





And, we have begun the Recall of California Governor Brown - - Down with Brown!





Our plan for 2016 is to bring about a series of Constitutional Conventions, and contact your federal, elected public officials and let them know what you think about 9/11, (Follow-Up On 9/11), and all the corruption and rule by a secret society - - as oppposed to what life should be like, if we lived in a true democratic republic.





Please check out some of our ideas for new Amendments to the United States Constitution, which would help bring about a solution to our national problems:




Truth and Justice Amendment: Appoint A Special Prosecutor



Amendment to Stop Genocide in the USA



Disband the CIA by Constitutional Amendment




Please, see Stopping Genocide in the USA.








There is something we can do...




That will effectively solve our problems!





Because of Recent Events, We Recommend Following the Seven-Steps to Preventing, or Stopping Genocide in the USA, below.




1. Form a new, third party of Independents, because both the Democrats and Republicans are in on it, probably through joint membership in a Secret Society.




2. Participate in a series of Constitutional Conventions, held to approve a group of newly proposed Constitutional Amendments, along with a request that the United States Congress appoint a Special Prosecutor to get the crooks responsible for murdering the Pentagon Whistle-Blowers, along with the 40,000 people who died in the 9/11 Attacks on the New York Trade Center, including many first-responders.




3. Support our newly proposed Constitutional Amendment that would prohibit genocide, by federal officials, including those assigned to covert operations.




4. Request the the U. S. Congress Appoint a Special Prosecutor: See our Truth and Justice Amendment.




5. Disband the CIA, through Constitutional Amendment, since they, and the CIA's Directors, 1996-2014, have assisted the various crooked politicians, along witth the secret society.




6. Demand a Full Congressional Investigation, along with widespread government reform, through the passsage of some of the group of newly proposed Constitutional Amendments, that includes:



Election Reform



Expanded Voting Rights



Direct Democracy



Land Reform



Womens Rights, Safeguards and Protections



Deep-Green Environmental Reform and Benfits of Deep-Green Reform



Economic Prosperity and Sustainability



Judicial, Legal and Prison Reform



Economic and Tax Reform



Legalization of Marijuana




7. Demand the government change its policies towards its people, making U. S. Government policies more humane and kind.




Genocide in the USA will not be tolerated by its citizens.






We must also verify the truth about the Great American Coup,(2002-Present), and discover the truth about Genocide in the USA: 1997-Present.




New Ideas for Constitutional Amendments




These twenty, newly proposed Constitutional Amendments, are listed, below:



#1. Proposed Constitutional Amendment to Legalize Marijuana



#2. Freedom from Oppression by Government Activities



#3. Freedom from Racism



#4. Native American Citizenship



#5. Judicial and Prison Reform



#6. Expanded Voting Rights: Direct Democracy: Improved County Voting and Educational Facilities: Voting for Federal Judges, Ambassadors, More



#7. Election Reform



#8. Women's Rights



#9. Land Reform



#10. Truth and Justice about the CIA's Involvement in 9/11/2001: Requirement for Appointment of Special Prosecutor and Full Congressional Investigation



#11. Overpopulation and Immigration



#12. Freedom from Obsolete Laws



#13. Gun Law Limits



#14. Economic and Tax Reform, Made Possible by the United States Congress, and its Investigations



#15. Constitutional Amendment Creating United Nations Environmental Management Center.



#16. Disband the CIA by Constitutional Amendment



#17. Requirement for Equal Campaign Funding, Ballot and Election Material Recognition for all Candidates and Proposed Election Measures, by Creation of Broadcast Production Facility for Government Use



#18. Balanced Budget Amendment



#19. Empowerment and Expansion of Role of United Nations: Elected Representatives



#20. Amendment Prohibiting Genocide




A Corrupt Oligarchy in Our Government, and What You Can Do to Correct It!





Long-Term News Reports Prove Theory of Great American Coup




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