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Benefits of Deep Green Reform




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Benefits of Deep-Green Environmental, Econmic and Social Reform




Created June 13, 2014





Last Edited, 7/24/2016



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| | | | Executive Update: 7/04/2016 | | | |





Welcome to our website for the Summer of 2016!




We are beginning our Recall of Governor Brown Campaign, for 2016, and are planning A New Online Event, with more interactivity and social networking, using www.facebook.com, and www.youtube.com.




Therefore, we are now hiring, organizing and recruiting Volunteers, along with outreach activities for our new Patriots and Activists, allowing us to organize and Host a Series of Constitutional Conventions, 2016-2036, at which we will present Twenty New Ideas for development into proposals for future Amendments to the United States Constitution, (2016-2036).





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The Benefits of Deep Green Reform






Deep-Green Reform













There are a Para Dyne of benefits, that will be created by establishing long-term environmental planning and management systems, globally, as well as throughout the United States.




These benefits shall be created by establishing the Comprehensive Environmental Management Center for the United Nations, somewhere within the United States, by the United States Congess.




We, and our allies, along with almost all other members of the United Nations, will be able to protect, preserve and restore our great natural resources, throughout most of the planet, including our natural forests, deserts and mountains, along with their watersheds, including rivers, creeks and other streams, bays, lakes, and coastal areas, including wetlands and beaches. All animals and plant species will also be protected and managed to create an abundance of natural resources, throughout the planet, for fishing and hunting, as well as other outdoor activities, and the extraction of raw materials without environmental destruction, through this new, Comprehensive Long-Term Environmental Maanagement Center for the United Nations, and its programs.




Because of this wise and benficial action toward the environment - - and thus the Planet, we will be able to preserve a favorable climate, along with an abundance of clean air and water, and fertile areas for farming, in order to sustain the human population of the planet, (which is now exceeding 7 billion people), forever. Of course, population and immigration controls will have to be established, for both the United States, and the United Nations.




Thus, the United States, and most of the other Nations of the Earth will require population and immigration controls, to control and prevent overpopulation. The benefits of these controls could mean the difference between a meaningful, rich and abundant life for everyone, including all the life forms created and living upon the planet, compared with death, due to starvation, or lack of clean, usable air and water, not to mention plagues and disease, for those who will not listen to these words of caution.




Without a deep-rooted change in the way the combined governments and businesses of Earth interact with nature, human societies around the planet, things will continue to get much worse, in the future.




Continuing the global environmental management errors of the past has already caused some areas of our planet to become un-sustainable.




Millions of people living in these hard-striken areas have already begun to suffer, due to a lack of water, and due to combinations of other unpleasant climateoligical factors.




Soon, there will be billions of people, forced to live unsustainably, in hazardous environments combined with disease, plagues, famine and pollution.




These danger areas include Southern California, as well as several, large cities in the United States and throughout the Americas, because of the overpopulation and lack of natural resources, including fresh water.




This dangerous "smog" in Los Angeles could combine with other factors, to bring about cancer, and even death, in humans living there, who are breathing the air year after year, for over 10 years. And the same condition is being experienced in many of America's larger cities, where air pollution is extremely high, and air quality is extreme low.




Therefore this planetary problem has already commenced, - - it has been going on for several decades in the United States, and in far-away areas like Africa, Arabia and Asia large areas of their countries have become un-sustainable, and people can no longer live there.




This is causing mass migrations, as people in Africa are displaced, and forced to move from one country to another. In Asia, war and lack of hygiene are combining to ruin rivers and transform entire areas into death-traps.




Billions could die in the near future, as a result of plague, famine, pestilence, war and disease, in the near future.




And, the polar ice caps have begun to melt at an alarming rate!





Therefore, global warming and unwanted climate change are a scientifically proven fact!




Every year it gets hotter and hotter during the Summertime. And, there is less and less rain. We are now in a drought, and should welccome any relief we can get!





Deep-Green Environmental Reform




Deep-Green Environmental Reform is almost the exact opposite of the type of environmental management you would receive, from a business oriented world, that is only attempting to extract raw materials from the Earth, in order to make a sustainable profit.




People with a perspective for business usually only see nature as something that is to be exploited.




Thus, Deep-Green Reform means caring for the planet, and doing what is right, as a responsible steward of the planet, in terms of the long-term conservation planning and management necessary for the environment, and its trillions or quadrillions of living creatures.




Therefore, a more effective system of long-term conservation management for the environments of the United States is called for, when considering the vast areas of public lands and other government lands, thoughout the United States, whch should be managed more effectively.




We recommend establishing a Comprehensive Environmental Management Center for the United Nations, within the United States, as a goal for the United States Congress. This global management center would design comprehensive environmental management plans for all the environments of the planet, designed to allow them to fight fires, and provide water to almost all the areas of the planet. In this way, our nations will be better able to sustain the lives of our people.




The current government agencies, bureaus and departments within the United States, which pertain to the environment and environmental management, would interact with this new Comprehensive Environmental Management Center for the United Nations, and design achievable goals, to be achieved over ten year increments, and manage these environmental programs, in terms of long-term environmental conservation management.




In this way, we should be able to provide effective global managment for our environmental problems, and design solutions for soving these problems that could be achieved through management and goal attainment, linked to ten year environmental conservation management programs. For more information, please see Deep Green Environmental Plan for Restoring and Managing the Environments of the Earth, through the United Nations.




As we improve the environment, incrementally, through this long-term environmental conservation management, we will be able to achieve the goals we planned, and assign new goals every ten years.




We recommend attempting to reverse the current trend in climactic conditions that are causing the Polar Ice Caps to melt at a very rapid rate, at both poles, which is currently called "Global Warming".




A plan to fight against Global Warming shall be developed by this new Comprehensive Environmental Management Center for the United Nations, and implemented in the near future, utilizing these ten-year management plans designed to achieve a manageable improvement over the period of environmental crises in which we are suffering, thus ending a period of drought, combined with wild-fires and forest-fires, thoughout the Western United States, which is occaisionally interrupted by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.




In addition, we recommend water-well drilling and exploration, throughout the United States, as a way to prevent drought, as well as for fire-fighting. Cloud-seeding operations shall also be implemented, thoughout the United States, and in other areas where cloud-seeding would be either convenient or beneficial.




Eventually, this Comprehensive Environmental Management Center for the United Nations shall have to provide enough water for perhaps 350 million Americans.




And, even more water will be needed, for a wide variety of uses, by all the Nations of the United Nations. Thus, water is to be developed and managed, in order to create an abundance of clean, natural water, for use by all the living creatures of the Earth.




As a result, water production and water managment shall become a goal of the new United Nations Commprehensive Environmental Management Center.




The Comprehensive Environmental Management Center shall design, create and manage enough water for all the water needs of the human population of the Earth, along with the needs of all the other living creatures of the planet.




Thus, water development, production and management must become a priority.





Congress shall provide funding for water exploration by the E.P.A. and the United States Air Force, as well as water-well drilling, which is to be combined with cloud-seeding operations, to be conducted by the United States Air Force aircraft and aircrews, along with its National Guard and Reserve forces.




Other member nations of the United Nations are encouraged to enlist the assistance of their militaries, in order to develop additional water resources, including water-exploration and coud-seeding operations. Water production and distribution should be developed in all the member nations of the United Nations.




Tree planting shall be budgetted by the United States Congress, to exceed 1800,000 -200,000 square miles, per year, or three times the current amount planted by the United States government, in 2012-2013.




Other member nations of the United Nations are also encouraged to commit additional finances for tree-planting operations, designed to continue and rebuild the natural stands of timber throughout each member nation of the United Nations. Thus, all member nations of the United Nations should plant trees abundantly, in order to share in a natural abundance that comes from nature.




A comprehensive system of environmental management shall be developed, and implemented, for use as a tool in ending drought in many areas of the planet, as well as to combine with other government departments, and combat forest fires, prevent environmental destruction, and restore the environment where it has been damaged.









A Para Dyne of Benefits will develop from this new Comprehensive Evironmental Management System, to be developed and managed by the United Nations.




We recommend that a group of Proponents of these Proposed Constitutinal Rights be formed and become operational in all fifty states, for the purpose of Forming, or Creating a New Constitutional Convention.




Additional information is available at Benefits of creating this proposed idea.




These benefits include:




1.) The gradual easing of climatic conditions that are causing Global Warming, by comprehensive long-term, environmental conservation management, designed to acheive this goal through a series of ten-year plans.




Within 100-200 years, the polar ice caps should have stopped melting, due to improvements mande in human living conditions, and the way we interact with nature on a large scale, such as causing deforestation, ruined rivers and bays, polluted areas and other ruined areas of the Earth, that are left unrepaired.




Tree planting could bring about a dynamic increase in our living conditions, by replacing the oxygen we need, in the atmosphere. Trees provide many direct benefits, as well as subtle benfits over the long-term, such as the ability to manage the environment, to prevent drought and climate change, becxause trees help stabilize the environment, over the long-term.




Part of the Comprehensive Plan we are recommending includes massive tree-planting, in order to create and manage Orange Orchards, across the United States, in areas prepared to prevent frezzing temperatures, that would damage the orange crop.




Thus, there are many different types of tree planting activities, all of them will help stop Global Warming, although some are more effective than others.




And, by restoring our watersheds and their system of aquifers, we will be establishing controlls for flooding and drought prevention, as well as habitats for many aquatic species.




Thus, by restoring our environment, and learning to control it as necesssary in order to prevent environmental crises, like earthquakes and volcanoes, as well as fire-storms, severe weather conditions and long-term drought, along with drastic changes in important climatological conditions that are directly connected to human health, like temperature and water availability, as well as barametric pressure, we are accomplishing great and worthy deeds, as the environmental stewards of the planet.




Environmental problems like Global Warming and drought, as well as deforestation and the destruction of our system of watershed and rivers can be changed over the long-term.




Together, we are developing a global management tool we could use widely, to better the lives of all the living creatures on this planet, Earth.




#2. An entire Para Dyne of Benefits will be created by this Long-Term Environmental Conservation Management System, for us to enjoy in the future. For more information, please see Benefits of Long-Term Conservation Management.




In Conclusion:




In this webpage, we have explained the many benefits of Deep Green Reform, and how it could be used to create and manage better lives for all the people of the planet, Earth.




All, or almost all of the previous plans for environmental management have failed, because they are all exploitative towards the planet, and attempt to use natural resources as a way to make a quick profit.




This is not the best way. A more caring way is needed!




For this reason, we are suggesting that interested people contact us, and together we can develop more dynamic ways to bring about change, while there is still time!




Together, we should form and begin planning for groups in all fifty states, to contact our state legislatures, and requesting they join us, in establishing Deep Green Environmental Reform on a Global Scale.






Thank You,



Editor's Note, July 4th, 2016: Because of recent events, including George W. Bush and others in his administration being found guilty of "War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity, by a War Crimes Tribunal in Kuala Lumpur in 2013, and a conviction of war crimes against CIA Officials, including Medical Doctors and Psychologists, for using torture methods such as waterboarding, by a U. S. Federal District Judge in Washington State in March of 2016, we are requesting that anyone with any information as to misconduct by government officials, especially if it would lead to a complaint or a class action lawsuit contact us, at: patriotsandacctivists@gmail.com.



We are interested in filing a Class Action Lawsuit against the CIA and other government officials, for "war crimes and crimes against humanity".




Join Our War Crimes Report, and file an e-mail complaint, or attach it to an e-mail, addressed to: patriotsandactivists@gmail.com.




We are especially interested in helping you document a complaint, and begin a class action lawsuit, with us and many other concerned citizens, who have been injured by these war criminals. If you know something about "crimes against humanity", including the racist war crimes by the last three Presidential Administrations:




The Bill Clinton Administration, (1992-2000);




The George W. Bush Administration, (2000-2008); and the




Barack Obama Administration,(2008-2016):





Please, including something about:



Prison Abuse:



If you know something about well-planned racist and classist abuse, that could have been directed by the CIA at a National Level, please contact us. We are very interested in people who have been tortured by the prison guards, and possibly others, while they were in prison, as well as reports of people being killed in prison by prison officials, as well as people who have died in prison, following medical treatment, taking medicine routinely and then being transferred for surgery, or any other medically related deaths, while in prison, please contact us.




Medical System Abuse:



If you or someone you know has been injured or killed, because of medical treatment they received from the government, please, contact us.




Covert Poisoning:



If you or someone you know has been intentionally poisoned by a government agent working in a Covert Operation, please contact us. This information is for research purposes, you do not have to have proof, or evidence.



Other Covert Operations:



Many people have been killed as a direct result of covert operations, and millions more have been injured, because the federal government considered them undesirables, because they were advocating peace, or because they bought, sold or used marijuana, or other, harder drugs, or because they were from another country or nation. The New World Order has conducted covert operations against marijuana users, peace demonstrators, and people of color, along with those people who have immigrated from Arab Republics, for the last 16 years.




or, the death of friends and family members, while in custody. Please include as much information as possible.




Together, we can bring about widespread government reform and modernization!





Help Stop Agenda 21 and the New World Order!






Special Edition, 4/20/2016:




Because of these new events, we made a plan to end the rule in the United States, of this corrupt oligarchy, which stems from the CIA, through the membership of the New World Order, and has been extending its control into the two Houses of the United States Congress for the last two decades, beginning with the Gang of Eight.





Several things happened, between 2005 and 2016, which cause us to believe that this can be accomplished.





These include:





#1. John George Tenet resigns under questioning by the United States Congress.





#2. George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and other key members of the New World Order have retired, our been replaced.





#3. A group of American veterans, returning home from the wars in Iraq ande Afghanistan begin Operation American Spring, which declares a Constitutional Emergency, and calls for the resignation or impeachment of President Barack Obama and key members of his administration.





#4. An International War Crimes Tribunal in Kuala Lumpur found George W. Bush, Tony Blair and other members of these two administrations guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity, in 2013.





#5. In March of 2016, A U. S. District Judge in Washington State, found members of the CIA guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity, including CIA Medical Doctors.





Therefore, we support Operation American Spring and their Declaration of a Constitutional Emergency.





And, we have begun the Recall of California Governor Brown - - Down with Brown!





Our plan for 2016 is to bring about a series of Constitutional Conventions, and contact your federal, elected public officials and let them know what you think about 9/11, (Follow-Up On 9/11), and all the corruption and rule by a secret society - - as oppposed to what life should be like, if we lived in a true democratic republic.





Please check out some of our ideas for new Amendments to the United States Constitution, which would help bring about a solution to our national problems:




Truth and Justice Amendment: Appoint A Special Prosecutor



Amendment to Stop Genocide in the USA



Disband the CIA by Constitutional Amendment




Please, see Stopping Genocide in the USA.








There is something we can do...




That will effectively solve our problems!






Because of Recent Events, We Recommend Following the Seven-Steps to Preventing, or Stopping Genocide in the USA, below.




1. Form a new, third party of Independents, because both the Democrats and Republicans are in on it, probably through joint membership in a Secret Society.




2. Participate in a series of Constitutional Conventions, held to approve a group of newly proposed Constitutional Amendments, along with a request that the United States Congress appoint a Special Prosecutor to get the crooks responsible for murdering the Pentagon Whistle-Blowers, along with the 40,000 people who died in the 9/11 Attacks on the New York Trade Center, including many first-responders.




3. Support our newly proposed Constitutional Amendment that would prohibit genocide, by federal officials, including those assigned to covert operations.




4. Request the the U. S. Congress Appoint a Special Prosecutor: See our Truth and Justice Amendment.




5. Disband the CIA, through Constitutional Amendment, since they, and the CIA's Directors, 1996-2014, have assisted the various crooked politicians, along witth the secret society.




6. Demand a Full Congressional Investigation, along with widespread government reform, through the passsage of some of the group of newly proposed Constitutional Amendments, that includes:



Election Reform



Expanded Voting Rights



Direct Democracy



Land Reform



Womens Rights, Safeguards and Protections



Deep-Green Environmental Reform and Benfits of Deep-Green Reform



Economic Prosperity and Sustainability



Judicial, Legal and Prison Reform



Economic and Tax Reform



Legalization of Marijuana




7. Demand the government change its policies towards its people, making U. S. Government policies more humane and kind.




Genocide in the USA will not be tolerated by its citizens.






We must also verify the truth about the Great American Coup,(2002-Present), and discover the truth about Genocide in the USA: 1997-Present.




New Ideas for Constitutional Amendments




These twenty, newly proposed Constitutional Amendments, are listed, below:



#1. Proposed Constitutional Amendment to Legalize Marijuana



#2. Freedom from Oppression by Government Activities



#3. Freedom from Racism



#4. Native American Citizenship



#5. Judicial and Prison Reform



#6. Expanded Voting Rights: Direct Democracy: Improved County Voting and Educational Facilities: Voting for Federal Judges, Ambassadors, More



#7. Election Reform



#8. Women's Rights



#9. Land Reform



#10. Truth and Justice about the CIA's Involvement in 9/11/2001: Requirement for Appointment of Special Prosecutor and Full Congressional Investigation



#11. Overpopulation and Immigration



#12. Freedom from Obsolete Laws



#13. Gun Law Limits



#14. Economic and Tax Reform, Made Possible by the United States Congress, and its Investigations



#15. Constitutional Amendment Creating United Nations Environmental Management Center.



#16. Disband the CIA by Constitutional Amendment



#17. Requirement for Equal Campaign Funding, Ballot and Election Material Recognition for all Candidates and Proposed Election Measures, by Creation of Broadcast Production Facility for Government Use



#18. Balanced Budget Amendment



#19. Empowerment and Expansion of Role of United Nations: Elected Representatives



#20. Amendment Prohibiting Genocide




A Corrupt Oligarchy in Our Government, and What You Can Do to Correct It!





Long-Term News Reports Prove Theory of Great American Coup




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